Tuesday, October 31, 2006

newspapers may have to report real news

If you haven't read the article by Nathan Burd called, "Romney Offers Relief from Scandal Fatigue" at http://www.americansformitt.com/ - I would recommend checking it out. Nathan makes some great points.

Now it's possible to have an excellent leader who leads an improper personal life. There are examples of this in American history. Just think how much more some of these leaders could have contributed, though, had they been able to control their passions. Mitt Romney is one who has been able to control these passions.

Kerry - Cantwell

So the election is in a few days. Mike McGavick needs all the support he can muster to beat Senator Cantwell. Today John Kerry was stumping for her in Seattle. It is from here where he made the national media clip where he refuses to apologize for his remarks yesterday in California while addressing college students. He told them that they should study hard and get good grades so they can be smart and get a good job, otherwise they will be "stuck in Iraq".

Remind people of this absurd comment as they see him stumping for Cantwell. McGavick is a recipient of Romney's Commonwealth PAC backing. Romney likes McGavick, and should he win next week, should prove to be a strong local ally for Romney.

Monday, October 30, 2006

tip for a healthy campaign

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I hope that you are keeping up to date by visiting http://blog.electromneyin2008.com/ among other sites.

What I think would be popular is to have a weekly exercise show called, "Walking with Mitt." It would be specifically designed for senior citizens - but also for whoever else wants to watch. Have you seen those exercise videos where you walk in place to music? Mitt could have staff members also on the show. While they are walking 2, 3, 4, to the music, they could discuss current political issues. It would be Mitt's version of FDR's fireside chats....

(I also posted this idea at http://www.mymanmitt.com/mittblog/)

Monday, October 23, 2006

go to mymanmitt

Check out my blogpost today by going to my Oct. 24th, 2006 entry at http://mymanmitt.com/mittblog/

One Way Slant

Are you as tired as I am of reading articles about Mitt Romney which continuously spout the rhetoric that many in the country are not going to vote for a Mormon to hold a high national office, especially evangelical types? Or articles serving to warn people of a supposed compromise of the seperation of church and state should Mitt be elected to national office, and then take orders from LDS leaders? Has anyone ever seen one of these articles specifically name a preacher or a church that is actually telling folks NOT to vote for a potential Romney candidacy, because he is Mormon? All the articles state are generic assertions that there will be evangelical opposition, whilst many predominant leaders in that community have emphatically said that Mitt's faith will NOT be reason for them to not cast a ballot in his favor. Until these journalists come out with specific preachers or churches urging their congregations to NOT support Romney because of his faith, I will take the lack of specificity as evidence to the contrary.

On to my point in this post:

If these journalists who incessantly feel driven to warn the public about the potential of a Mormon holding national office are to be consistent, why dont they also warn people about the potential for Senate Minority speaker Harry Reid (D-Nev) to become the Senate MAJORITY leader in a couple weeks if people dont wake up and vote correctly? There should be articles in mainstream media publications telling the masses that Republican votes are what is needed nationwide to keep this mormon from attaining our highest congressional seat, if you are to do your duty as a good evengelical or secular American, according to how they love to paint that picture for you.

Why are the journalists so insistent to cover the issue of "mormon faith" if it belongs to a Republican politician , but completely indifferent when it belongs to a Democratic one?

One Way Slant?

Yes/No ?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

better get your raincoat Mr. Romney

I haven't read about the man, but I get the feeling that Kim Jong-il - the leader of North Korea - may have attention deficit disorder. Not the kind of ADD where someone is unable to focus very well, but rather the a.d.d. where one doesn't get enough attention paid to them as they are growing up.

It's a painful thing to think about how the North Korean people suffer. Whatever becomes of the current situation, I figure that China is looking to benefit from it. I'm sure that the majority of Chinese would want nothing to do with having a war in the region, but I'm concerned that some of the leaders of China are looking to get ahead - and looking to put the U.S. behind.

What does this have to do with Mitt Romney? If this storm is still brewing in North Korea two years from now, it will end up in Romney's lap, so to speak. I don't want to sound like I'm beating the same drum all the time, but again I say that one of the most important things Mitt can do is to encourage the American people to straighten up. In simplest terms I think straightening up could most easily be summarized by encouraging husbands and wives to love each other; parents and children to love each other and spend more time together - with the television, cell phones, and video games off.

In addition to Kim Jong-il, I think that we as a country are suffering from add - where we don't give and receive enough love and attention from each other.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mitt in the world

If you haven't been paying attention lately, Mitt is gaining momentum - big time. Just read the recent posts at ye olde Elect Romney in 2008 blog - http://blog.electromneyin2008.com/
There is no stopping Mitt.

So what do we do now? Stay calm. The 2008 presidential election is still two years off. In the meantime, make sure you go out and help your neighbor. But it wouldn't hurt to also tell your neighbor about Mitt.

It would be great to get out the word more about Mitt Romney for President here in the Other Washington. Anyone out there interested in blogging for washingtoniansformitt? Please post some comments.

I think that Mitt Romney will need to talk about foreign policy a lot. People will try and attack him for his lack of experience in this area. Even though he may turn out to be 30 times better than anyone around - he hasn't had as much opportunity as other candidates may have had in international relations. I say that Mitt has the basic principles down of how to create good relationships. He'll use these skills with anyone, any group, and any country he relates to.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

give me an M!

Who has been a very successful businessman?
Mitt has
Who likes to use data in making governmental decisions?
Mitt does
Who was able to cut waste from the Massachusetts state government?
Mitt Romney
Check out Jason's post today over at http://www.mymanmitt.com/mittblog/ to read about Mitt's speech to a group of business students at the University of Chicago business school.

If I were currently working in a wasteful federal agency or department, I would watch out for Mitt as President.

McGavick support

I wanted to remind everyone who supports Romney to also vote for Mike McGavick to unseat Maria Cantvotewell for one of our state Senate seats. Romney's PAC has been a financial and political supporter because they believe in him. The Romney PAC is willing to put their money where their mouth is in their support of him, so if you like the Mitt man, consider it please.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

political campaign idea 14b

I'm sure this is standard procedure, but one principle Mitt would do well to follow on his campaign is to be as positive as he can. As he travels to the states, it would be his job to emphasive most, the good that is going on it that particular city and state.

When someone is constantly positive like this, then they have more clout to ask for support or for some specific help. For example, after talking about how strong that state is in some area, Mitt could say something like, "After you get home from this speech I encourage you to go home and write a letter to _______ about _______ issue." Anytime someone puts in time or effort into something (by writing a letter, for example), it makes that topic more important, because they begin to "own it."

Finally, when a leader is frequently and sincerely positive, he/she can be more effective in offering constructive criticism. Was it President Kennedy who said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."? Because we as Americans have a strong tendency to compain about government and politics these days (often for good reason), I have the idea that Mitt Romney may need to emphasize Kennedy's theme early and often.

The stage is being set...

With the tempo of current political change seemingly speeding up by the day right now, my prediction is that by the end of the elections in November, Romney will be talked about heavily in the mainstream media (MSM) as the clear choice for Republicans in "08. In short order we can expect to see him rise to national pre-eminance as the contender.

Rudy seems to have not made a move yet, and that will be a handicap, because within a week after the midterm elections, the 08 race will become the hot news story ( notwithstanding any wars or sex/murder/kidnap scandals). Much of this will be due to the fact that Democrats and many in the media are so anxious to see Bush leave the White House that they will practically foam at the mouth with giddiness on the first opportunity to talk about the election which will replace GWB. They will not wait to start talking about something to them as tasty as a replacement for the oval office. The fact that Rudy has done virtually nothing up to this point to prepare for an 08 run means he will not be ready to leap from the starting line in a sprint next month, when the 08 politic games will likely kick-off.

McCain I believe will be devoured by Romney in quick time to win the loyalty of Republican voters. McCain will have a following, but it will not be from the center-right.

Belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not really be much of an issue for Romney in this race (as far as him having to convince voters about it). It will be an issue only inasmuch as the MSM and the left want it to be. They will trumpet it all the day long and hype it into something it is not, but in the end, people who vote for him really wont care one way or the other. People will be aware that Mitt is LDS, because the media will hang it in front of their face 24/7, but other than that, it will not be why they vote for him. I do expect that toward the end of the race that his opposition will make ugliness of the issue and get real low in trying to smear him with lame attacks on his faith. I think that in the end, the MSM will disgust most people with their lack of context, fabrication of controversy and disdain for people of faith in general.This disgust should help Mitt even further.

These are thoughts on how I see things going right now. I may be totally wrong in my assessments. There may be to many "s's" in that last word, but I am not sure where to pull it out, so it stays for now!

Monday, October 09, 2006

go to iowansforromney

Jeff Fuller talks about recent instances where Mitt Romney has been talked about by big wigs in the media. Check out his post called "Talking Heads--START Making Sense (Even Rush Limbaugh starting to see the light?!?!)" from yesterday Oct. 8 at http://iowansforromney.blogspot.com/

Saturday, October 07, 2006

random bag inspections in Boston

Romney has just re-instituted random bag inspection on the public transit system in the Boston area. That sounds like a good idea to me. Here's a link, but I don't know if it'll work for you or not... http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=gov2homepage&L=1&L0=Home&sid=Agov2

One might say that Mitt did this for political reasons - that he's more interested in getting national attention, than about the safety of the public transit system. You can say that about any action a public leader takes - or doesn't take, for that matter. How, then, can we determine if Mitt started the bag inspections for the right reasons? I personally believe that Mitt is someone with a good heart, and therefore just about everything he does is going to be what he believes is the best for others.

Any ideas?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

second thought about "Bankrupt"

Ok. After listening to a few few minutes of the book "Bankrupt" I've decided that it is not an interesting book. It is way too one-sided. I thought that it would suggest ways for the Democratic party to make some changes, but it was basically an explanation of why everything the Democrats do is wrong, and why everything the Republicans do is right.

It's a bit like ordering up what you think will be a nice meal at a restaurant and all the food is just way too salty.

funny video, Bankrupt

Check out a funny video that Jeff posted at http://iowansforromney.blogspot.com/ It's the second post for Oct. 5, 2006.

I subscribe to audible.com. I just downloaded the audio book version of "Bankrupt" by David Limbaugh. It talks about how the author feels the Democratic party has gone the wrong direction in recent years. Sounds pretty interesting.

You have likely been hearing about the Mark Foley issue where he made advances toward male pages. I think it is disgraceful what Foley did.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a blog a day...

One of the reasons I try and blog almost every day for Mitt is to stay in the "swing of things." I seem to have that type of personality that it takes a lot of energy for me to get into something, but then once I am - I seem to do alright.
Right now I am trying to start my own business. I work on that as much as I can every day. But I have set aside Wednesdays as "political Wednesdays." This is one way to help me be able to work on some politics regularly.
(By the way, my main local political interest right now is getting involved in Initiative 937. I think it's a good one!)
If you are wanting to work on a political campaign, go for it! If you do, make sure you schedule out a regular time for it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

people for Romney

You may have already read the article in the Salt Lake Tribune http://www.sltrib.com/ci_4434520?source=rss
It got me to thinking - what about Canadians for Romney? Or Hollanders, or Russians, or Ghanaians, Venezuelans, or Australians for Romney? With the internet it makes it so easy for anyone around the world to follow another country's news and politics. Maybe some folks outside the U.S. have some things to add to the conversation? Feel free to post.

Monday, October 02, 2006


With general elections coming up soon, now is a great time to talk with your friends and acquaintances about Mitt Romney. The dialog could go something like this:

"...yeah, candidate X has a lot of ground to make up if they are going to have a chance here in Washington State. Hey, speaking of politics, have you heard of Mitt Romney?"

"The name sounds familiar. Was he a political leader in Michigan?"

"That would be his dad George Romney. He was governor in Michigan from '63 to '69. Mitt Romney is George's son. Mitt is currently the governor of Massachusetts. He's going to run for president in 2008. As governor, he was able to get Massachusetts a universal health care plan. He helped turn around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake. He's also been a successful businessman for a company called Bain Capital which helped Staples and Domino's in their early years. He's very smart, well-spoken, and is able to get people to work together. It would take someone like that to be elected as a Republican governor in Massachusetts - one of the most liberal states in the country."

"Hmm. I'll have to find out more about him."

"Here's a business card with some websites about Mitt Romney if you'd like to read up more about him."

"Great. Thanks.