Monday, October 23, 2006

One Way Slant

Are you as tired as I am of reading articles about Mitt Romney which continuously spout the rhetoric that many in the country are not going to vote for a Mormon to hold a high national office, especially evangelical types? Or articles serving to warn people of a supposed compromise of the seperation of church and state should Mitt be elected to national office, and then take orders from LDS leaders? Has anyone ever seen one of these articles specifically name a preacher or a church that is actually telling folks NOT to vote for a potential Romney candidacy, because he is Mormon? All the articles state are generic assertions that there will be evangelical opposition, whilst many predominant leaders in that community have emphatically said that Mitt's faith will NOT be reason for them to not cast a ballot in his favor. Until these journalists come out with specific preachers or churches urging their congregations to NOT support Romney because of his faith, I will take the lack of specificity as evidence to the contrary.

On to my point in this post:

If these journalists who incessantly feel driven to warn the public about the potential of a Mormon holding national office are to be consistent, why dont they also warn people about the potential for Senate Minority speaker Harry Reid (D-Nev) to become the Senate MAJORITY leader in a couple weeks if people dont wake up and vote correctly? There should be articles in mainstream media publications telling the masses that Republican votes are what is needed nationwide to keep this mormon from attaining our highest congressional seat, if you are to do your duty as a good evengelical or secular American, according to how they love to paint that picture for you.

Why are the journalists so insistent to cover the issue of "mormon faith" if it belongs to a Republican politician , but completely indifferent when it belongs to a Democratic one?

One Way Slant?

Yes/No ?


Blogger Kevin Davis Jr. said...

IMO - The answer is yes.

7:49 PM, October 23, 2006  

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