Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hoping Mitt will clarify on oil

I have heard Mitt say that we are using "too much oil" in this country, and this is also a statement he makes on the new campiagn commercial which he will be airing in select states shortly.

I am one who would like to see him alter this statement somewhat. He ought to say "We are using too much FOREIGN oil", and/or "We are not using oil efficiently enough, our utilization of technology to capture maximal energy output from each gallon can improve."

Maybe the distinction is subtle, but I feel it is significant. Americans need to know Mitt understands and will act on the principle that until other fuel sources are devoloped, we must have an affordable and abundant flow of oil, as our economic engines as currently tooled would stop without it. That would be devastating to our economy and people would suffer and go hungry. Since a retooling will take decades, once an acceptable alternative is found, hardship must not ensue in the interim.

So in the short term, in order to achieve self-sufficiency on oil, we should dramatically increase production domstically. Mitt has alluded to that, with his support of ANWR drilling, and off the continental shelf, and off the straits of Florida, where the Cubans and the Chinese are already at it. He has also alluded to increased use of technology to capture more output from each gallon of oil used. On both these points he ought to move beyond allusion to more specifics.

He should tell Americans the truth, that we do great things with the oil we use, our economy and personal tools generate a standard of living that benefits billions of people and continues our progression in the fields of medicine, science and commerce, just to name a few. A quest to be more energy independent and to be more responsible in our efficient use of it should not be done in a way that will hinder that. Please do not ask us to drive less or travel less or not enjoy certain luxuries, that is not the way of the future and of progress.

Once again, on my issue with his use of the phrase "We are using too much oil" verses how I would like to hear him explain it, maybe the difference is subtle, but I feel it is significant. He needs to articulate that he is NOT on an Anti-oil crusade, there are others in the preidential hopeful field with those credentials, and I believe that rightfully frightens alot of Americans who are honest with themselves about the role oil currently plays in our lives, for better or worse. Its just the way everything is currently tooled. His platform of increased domestic oil production for ourselves, better utilization of the product, and advancing of other technologies in a phased in "retool" of our economic engines to those fuel sources should be better expressed than the statement he is currently putting out: "We are using too much oil".

My hope is that Mitt will get this message. As one who wants him to succeed in rightfully winning the Presidency for 8 years, this is an area I hope he will outshine his competition by correctly explaining to the public the beneficial effects of the oil we do use, how we should be self-suffient by expanding its production, more savvy with its use, and that we should participate in developing and then retooling to other fuel sources to graduallytake its place as they prove themselves more effective economically and environmentally.

I want to hear more from Mitt the educator and less from a Mitt who just uses mantras and sound bites like the rest, whom he is capable of rising above.

Monday, February 05, 2007

to get traction in the northwest

What do you feel can be done to give Mitt more expoure here in the Northwest?

For those of you follow his actions from day to day, it is apparent that most of Mitt's time and resources are being spent on the eastern half of this nation. I would really like to soon see him come out west. I understand he may not spend much time in WA state (at least not western washington) becuase of our deply entrenched democrat majority, but if he were to come to Oregon or Idaho (or even Spokane) there are throngs of us from Western Washington who would migrate to hear him speak.

Maybe Mitt should give Washington a chance, this state is not more blue politically than Massachussetts, and of the largest metro areas west of the Mississippi is here. I am one who is eager to see him here soon. This area needs his message.