Monday, January 15, 2007

Romney/Rossi tactics

This link will take you a great article on a new website I just discovered. It deals with how Romney can win in Washington State, and it is by employing many of the same strategies that won Rossi the election in '04, before the recounting and finding surprise votes machine went into overdrive. This is exactly the type of discussion we hope to see more of here in the comments section at Washingtonians for Mitt!


Blogger Wilson said...

I disagree with your premise. Romney won't be the Republican nominee so how is he going to carry the state of Washington? He won't be on the ballot.

12:48 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:04 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Nivek said...


The article is about how mitt would carry WA assuming he is the national GOP candidate. Of course if mitt did not win the GOP nimination it would be a moot point. Your point there is an exercise in the obvious.

With regard to mitt's chances of winning that nomination, of course only time will tell. Many of us here feel he is the most intelligent choice for your vote on both an idealistic and pragmatic level.

1:07 AM, January 18, 2007  
Blogger Nivek said...

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we are going to ignore anyone using this as a advertising site.

1:09 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no way Mitt Romney will carry Washington. There are too many atheist tree hugging, ACLU supporting, organic eating, military hating, clinton loving, religon bashing, the sky is falling because of global warming chicken littles in this state. They'd pick Al Sharpton running with Jesse Jackson as president before Mitt Romney.

9:20 PM, January 18, 2007  
Blogger Adelaide said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but he's right.

9:21 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you agree, Adelaide. It's just too liberal here.

9:23 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous bob said...

Rossi isn't a Morman is he? He has a lot of kids.

10:09 AM, January 19, 2007  
Blogger Nivek said...

I believe that Rossi is a Catholic, but I could be wrong.

10:51 PM, January 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:17 AM, March 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dino Rossi is a Roman Catholic politician. The article is a great guideline for Mitt Romney. There are a few problems, however. Dino Rossi was not elected Governor. It was close, but it didn't help him win.

Next, it will be an uphill battle for any Republican in Washington State. The top 3 candidates will have a better time than previous candidates as they are all moderate Republicans. Even though Washington is considered a liberal state, there are still quite a few conservative people. More importantly, there are a lot of independent voters. That is where the focus should be. Romney, McCain, and Guiliani all have a better chance at the independents than Clinton and Obama.

1:04 PM, April 19, 2007  
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