Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Delay in writing

I have been fortunate to be blessed with a new baby girl in my family who will be a month old tommorrow. This has caused me to slack off from posting to this site lately. I am ready to change that and start posting much more regularly.

As the weeks have gone by since my last post, I have checked this site hoping that others who are authorized contributors would chime in as well. My hope is that I can reactivate some of them into the dialogue once again.

Since Mitchell moved to Utah he gave me a user passsword to manage this site, although I am not quite sure if there is somebody else out there who is inactive yet still retains that right, since Mitchell was not the originator of this blog. So while I figure that out as well as a way to put links on here, I ask for your patience and to not give up on this site.

Once I figure out some kinks, I will invite others who have desire to blog here that opportunity as well.

More to come soon.....

Keep on supporting the ascendency of Mitt!