Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2008 - socialized medicine - up for a vote - GUARANTEED!

In 2008 you will have 2 people running for the oval office. One of them is intent on nationalizing all health care in the United States. Socialized medicine WILL happen, if you do not convince the American people to vote for the other candidate.

The top three democrat contenders ( Clinton, Obama, Edwards) have ALL been campaigning on the position of their intent to nationalize health care in this country, and they are serious about it. Seems that no matter which one of them wins their parties nomination, this will be an idea put forth for the American people to accept. And the reality is that since either the republican or democrat will win the election, the stakes are extremely high on putting into the race a candidate who can articulate AGAINST the nonsense, against the medical and financial nightmare that would ensue such a fateful decision.

The American people know there are problems with our health care system and will not elect someone I believe, whose position here is to continue the status quo. Who better than Romney to put forth tangible solutions to these problems that reinforce the private sector role in medicine while at the same time expanding coverage available to people at the lower financial echalons in our country? Who better to tell the people that many of our problems here stem from government meddling in the market in the first place? Who better to explain that it is almost always better to subsidize the means of consumption rather than the means of production when helping people acquire goods and services?

If we fail to put the right person into the ring in this 2 person contest, one seventh of our economy will be socialized. Think about it. Then act.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Internet sites

I have been perusing the various sites of the current GOP and democratic presidential contenders:






Duncan Hunter - cant find a website on exploratory comittee or official candidacy




Who do you think has the best site and why? I notice that Romney is one of only a select few of the sites that actually goes into detail about issues. I would like to see even more detail given here in short order however.

I think McCain's website looks the coolest, but is one of the most devoid of substance on specific issues, second only maybe behind Obama's site which is an empty slate on any issues being presented.

On the lefty side I actually commend Edwards for being forthright on site his site about where he stands on things.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Your Input

Who do you think should Mitt pick as a running mate and why?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Romney/Rossi tactics

This link will take you a great article on a new website I just discovered. It deals with how Romney can win in Washington State, and it is by employing many of the same strategies that won Rossi the election in '04, before the recounting and finding surprise votes machine went into overdrive. This is exactly the type of discussion we hope to see more of here in the comments section at Washingtonians for Mitt!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to Business

Well this site has sat without a new post since before Christmastime, but with the holidays behind us it is time to get back into full-on advocacy mode for our man Mitt. In case you dont know Mitt has launched an exploratory presidential committee, and the news reports he has raised over 6.5 million dollars just today! He is the first candidate I can remember being totally upfront with the public about the cost of running for president, where he has said it will likely take near 100 million to be a "competitive" candidate. At this rate he should have that in a month, should the aggresive fundraising keep up. We can be a part of that.

Go to : www.mittromney.com to sign up for his email roll and donate to his campaign.

I wish I heard earlier but Romney apparently was on the Michael Medved radio show today. Medved broadcasts out of Seattle for his nationally syndicated show. Since he has a large audience here in the Pacific Northwest, I trust that Mitt was able to have some great exposure to the hearts and minds of the people in our region. If anyone heard the interview, please leave your thoughts about it here, I would like to know what was said.