Monday, November 27, 2006

Can a Mormon...?

A few recent news articles and a poll are asking the question, "Can a Mormon be elected president?"

The answer is yes.

The real question is, are the American people (in spite of all the biased information they hear from the media) able to determine who is the best presidential candidate?

Yes again.

I personally have faith that a Mormon can be an excellent President of the United States. More importantly, I have faith that the American people have the ability to choose the best presidential candidate in 2008. Especially when one of the candidate's skills and abilities put him so far ahead of the rest of the pack.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

bring on Giuliani

I hear that Giuliani is forming an exploratory committee to look at running for president in 2008. I say bring it on. One way to show how truly outstanding a leader Mitt Romney would be to have him go up against well-respected and succesful leader like Giuliani.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Holiday Respite!

Since the outcome of this months election cycle, many of us are likely chomping at the bit for Mitt Romney to get officially into the Presidential contender ring. McCain and Guiliani have already done so. Romney has said he will not make any formal declaration until after his Governorship is over. His last day at that job is Jan. 4th, so I suppose we can eagerly await for Jan. 5th as the day the nation is put on notice?

Personally I am glad that Mitt is waiting until after the holiday season. It shows class. We all have been so involved in political thinking the past 6+ months, isnt it great that Romney is sort of saying, lets take the holiday season off, and enjoy other facets of life for a short while. Were he to come out now with a formal candidacy then he, his election comittee, and those of us at the grassroots would need to launch into full work mode. Once it starts we cannot stop, we cannot relent until we see victory. I appreciate the confidence to leave the work till next year.

This is the time of year to get with family and close friends, to play together, adorn each other with nice things, to serve thy neighbor, to eat too much food and swear to do someting about it next year, to reflect upon the greatness of our Creator and the goodness of life. The harsh and cold game of politics can wait while we get re-centered in our lives.

So let McCain and Guiliani get started now before the holidays. Look at it as their starting line handicap, they are going to need it! Let them start to spend their campaign money now on getting media exposure at a time when people will not be as mentally tuned in to politics, we Romney supporters know that our fearless candidate will be more fiscally prudent than that with the funds he is entrusted with. That is one of the many reasons we want him to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in the first place!

So enjoy life for the next few weeks and put the politics on the shelf. Take a breath, you know how hard we are all going to need to push in unison come next year. Take a page from the Romney playbook and focus on what is REALLY important in your life right now. Go do some service for your neighbor. Visit someone and tell them you love them. Eat too much food with someone you havent seen enough of lately, recommit to a better relationship with God, go and tickle some kids on the floor till their cheeks are completely red, do some family scrapbooking, go outside and be immature with siblings and parents for an aftrenoon, take in the beauty of a winter sunrise or sunset, listen to some corny John Denver music with cousins and sing to it off key, frolic in the wonderment of life.

We will all be fighting together soon, but for now, go home and fughet-aboudit!

See you soon!

Monday, November 13, 2006

pictures of new, wet bumper sticker

Here is a picture of a new bumper sticker I designed. I was trying to think "outside the box." Like the bumper sticker I did before, I printed this with my own inkjet printer on bumper-sticker paper I got at Office Depot. This time I tried to protect the ink by covering the ink side with clear packing tape, but water still got in.

And here is a closeup.

Monday, November 06, 2006

with or without booze?

Two ideas regarding Romney in '08 -

First, you know those fancy parties they have all over D.C. when a new president is inaugurated? I was just thinking - you know that Mitt doesn't drink alcohol. When Mitt is inaugurated maybe he could have some venues with alcohol and some without.

Second, I don't know how many folks of the losing political party tend to come to the inaugural ball events - but I think there ought to be plenty of Democrats invited. Perhaps one of the places could be set up as a Democrat only inaugural ball for Mitt Romney :-)

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My name is Mitchell and I approve this message.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

could Mitt reframe the discussion on immigration?

In my church I currently have a responsibility working with the Boy Scouts. Tonight the scouts were each speaking 5 minutes to fulfill a merit badge requirement. The topic they were speaking on was illegal immigration.

A few things that come to mind when I think about this topic.
1. It may do well to add to the discussion the importance of forming better relations with the Mexican people (and other immigrants for that matter). This applies not only on a country to country basis, but also individual to individual. Encourage organizations to get American folks to hang out and get to know Mexican folks - and vice versa. This would help us all to better undertand the other culture, and to deal with the issue of illegal immigration in a more understanding way.
2. Invest in educational programs in Mexico. Overall the educational system in Mexico is not that great. If we, as the United States, could somehow help improve the Mexican educational system (in a smart way - not by imposing our ideas on them, but rather by helping them educate their way) it would be a great benefit. In the long-run this would hopefully help improve the political and economic situations there. Also, for the Mexican immigrants who come to the United States, they would better be able to get higher level employment.
3. Perhaps set up some kind of program where Mexican people are invited to come to the United States to learn a trade, learn how to start a business, learn a skill, etc. - then head back to Mexico with a loan to try and set up that business in Mexico.
As to administering these programs - it may be best for them to be run by universities and private businesses, rather than having the feds run them. The federal government does lots of things pretty well. However, whenever anything gets too many federal dollars, chances are it's not going to be run well.

I think if Mitt could focus on these types of solutions - in addition to talking about the plans of building a wall, providing work temporary work visas, and deporting folks - it would make the immigration dialogue more positive and hopeful.