Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The stage is being set...

With the tempo of current political change seemingly speeding up by the day right now, my prediction is that by the end of the elections in November, Romney will be talked about heavily in the mainstream media (MSM) as the clear choice for Republicans in "08. In short order we can expect to see him rise to national pre-eminance as the contender.

Rudy seems to have not made a move yet, and that will be a handicap, because within a week after the midterm elections, the 08 race will become the hot news story ( notwithstanding any wars or sex/murder/kidnap scandals). Much of this will be due to the fact that Democrats and many in the media are so anxious to see Bush leave the White House that they will practically foam at the mouth with giddiness on the first opportunity to talk about the election which will replace GWB. They will not wait to start talking about something to them as tasty as a replacement for the oval office. The fact that Rudy has done virtually nothing up to this point to prepare for an 08 run means he will not be ready to leap from the starting line in a sprint next month, when the 08 politic games will likely kick-off.

McCain I believe will be devoured by Romney in quick time to win the loyalty of Republican voters. McCain will have a following, but it will not be from the center-right.

Belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not really be much of an issue for Romney in this race (as far as him having to convince voters about it). It will be an issue only inasmuch as the MSM and the left want it to be. They will trumpet it all the day long and hype it into something it is not, but in the end, people who vote for him really wont care one way or the other. People will be aware that Mitt is LDS, because the media will hang it in front of their face 24/7, but other than that, it will not be why they vote for him. I do expect that toward the end of the race that his opposition will make ugliness of the issue and get real low in trying to smear him with lame attacks on his faith. I think that in the end, the MSM will disgust most people with their lack of context, fabrication of controversy and disdain for people of faith in general.This disgust should help Mitt even further.

These are thoughts on how I see things going right now. I may be totally wrong in my assessments. There may be to many "s's" in that last word, but I am not sure where to pull it out, so it stays for now!


Blogger mitchell said...

Good post. I have the same feeling about the situation. You never know what surprises will come up, though. I'm looking forward to it!

3:28 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger Milocraft said...

If it came down to Hillary and Mitt the win would be close but in Mitt's favor. Hot topics like protecting the definition of marriage and abortion which are in large part either supported or opposed based on religious beliefs would sway the entire religious right to Mitt. Even his personal religion would be overlooked by evangelists when faced with voting for Hillary.

On foreign policy Mitt presents a tough attitude towards terror, but will also need to critisize the Bush administration a bit to appear like he will be different. Specifically on the Iraq war. Mitt does not mince words. His blunt words about Chavez a few weeks ago were to the point and just about perfect.

The Black community will be continually told that Mormons are racists (The truth is that there are many Black people in the Mormon religion and they are treated as equals.) Mitt will have to overcome this in some way. Possibly by having Condi as his VP? His real strength is his genuine solutions to problems such as his idea for national health care for everyone. That may appeal to the Black community, but I'm sure Hillary will play the "Me too" game.

If Mitt can ride the publicity wave to get his message, accomplishments, qualifications and character across to America he will have a great vicory. And that will be a great victory for people who believe in standards, morals and values.

12:05 AM, October 12, 2006  
Blogger Nivek said...

Much as I would love to see a Condi VP ticket, she has emphatically and with articualtion said she has no politcal ambition beyond what she is doing now, prefering to run things behind the scenes. Of course she can change her mind, and if so that would be great! I would NOT like to see her chosen though if the main reason is because she is black. Such racial thinking is best left to the other politcal camp. It is not an ideal worthy of Mitt, Condi or the electorate.

Same with using Mitt's ideals on health care as a "black" issue. His ideas are good regardless of any skin tone, and I think the best thing he can do is appeal to all Americans and not speak to segments of the population. I dont believe Mitt should court a "black" or a "brown" or a "white" or any other racially based vote. He should work to pick up the American vote. Now that is an ideal worth his time!

What do you think?

10:21 AM, October 12, 2006  

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