Monday, September 04, 2006

an electric Mittmobile

I was talking with a friend today at a Labor Day picnic. He has started using biodiesel to run his pick-up truck. I can't tell you how excited that made me. I'm a sucker for green energy solutions. He explained that petroleum-based diesel right now costs like $3.39 a gallon, while the biodiesel is $3.15. So, not only is this a green choice for my friend, it is also a good economic choice.

On the radio this evening was a story about the Oscar Mayer weinermobile. It sounds like there are six of these mobiles traveling across the country attending fairs and things. According to the the company's pr guy, it is still a worthwhile marketing campaign after like 80 years.

Stay with me here . . . What if Mitt Romney's campaign were to have a Mittmobile? On the roof of the vehicle would sit either a huge baseball mitt or an oven mitt. Then have it run on some alternative fuel - like biodiesel, ethanol - or even have it electric powered.

Unfortunately, such a ride may not be deemed too presidential. Perhaps, then, during campaign season it could be driven by Romney's campaign staff on the opposite side of the country from where Mitt himself is campaigning. Instead of answering tough questions about foreign policy, the national debt, and health care - the Mittmobile folks would be handing out campaign stickers, buttons, and candy.

Three reasons why this would be a great idea:
1. The Mittmobile would get a lot of press. It would be hard for the media not to follow such an oddity.
2. It would show support for renewable and alternative fuels.
3. The Romney campaign could be in two places at once.


Blogger Nivek said...

Shy of a weinermobile, I think mitt should incorporate ethanol and bio-diesel into his platform WITH increased oil drilling. I feel he should stress we need both, not one or the other exclusively.

Correct me if I am wrong, but bio-diesel is still blended with a certain amonut of gasoline, just like E-85 is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Romney should simply mandate at some point that all autos be manufactures to be flexible to run on straight gas up to E-85 blends, and diesel trucks to have some kind of bio-diesel blend mandate in similar fashion.

I would not like to see him offer tax breaks to businesses, or new taxes, or business loans, or any of that stuff as that is counterproductive to ideals of reducing federal subsidy and simplifying tax laws. A mandate would suffice. That mandate would have to hinge upon an OK to drill in ANWR and other areas currently closed, and to make it easier to build new gas refineries. The two prong approach of both OIL/(ethanol,biodiesel) to me is a sensible, winning strategy. Other technologies are less proven and reliable than ethanol/biodiesel as we are still dealing with liquid fuels. ]

Their mandated use could also be a way for us to bring an end to the never ending farm subsidies. Faming in America would be more than self sufficent with a simple mandate for AG liquid fuel use in fuel blends with oil. Those monies saved from the subsidies could be used to pay for alot of stuff, chiefly national debt.

So I say Mitt make the mandates:

1. All cars built with flex fuel capabilites at some date. This means flex-fuel for both regualar and diesel engines. New cars built will be able to use up to E85 blends, and diesels their equivelent. E85 and its diesel equivelent could have a reduced federal gas tax applied to encourage its use.

2. All gas in this country at some date have at least 10% ethanol. All diesel in this country have at least a certain percentage biodiesel. This 10% mandate allows all cars to use the fuel since any car can safely run with 10% ethanol.

3. All Farm subsidies will end at some date due to unending demand for ethanol and biodiesel.

4. Monies previously earmarked for farm subsidy will go to pay down the national debt.

5. All of the above hinges upon Senate approval of bills to oil drill in ANWR, reopen oil drilling in certain coastal areas that have been banned since the 70's yet have proven reserves, and make it easier for new refineries and nuclear power plants to be built very soon.

This to me is a winning 5-point energy plan that encompasses the fact that we need oil, and that is a fact, with a boon to the AG sector to grow liquid fuels, as well as a proven strategy to end farm subsidy.

This is something Willie Nelson could write a song about!!

6:29 PM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger mitchell said...

Hey, that's good stuff. You should make it a regular post.


8:55 PM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger jason said...

Maybe the MittMobile should be a Blogger thing. Actually, I have an old beatup car, I could temporarily maken it into one until someone wants to do it with their Hybrid.

5:59 AM, September 06, 2006  
Blogger bjalder26 said...

Great idea! Personally though, I think the Mitt Mobile would be more effective if it preceded Mitt. Then they could hand out buttons, get people excited and organized for Mitt's visit. By the time Mitt & the TV cameras rolled in, it would look as if everybody was an excited, enthusiastic Mitt supporter. Seriously though, great idea, any independence we can gain from foreign oil will make us stronger negotiators in the Middle-East.

10:36 PM, September 22, 2006  

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