Tuesday, August 29, 2006

7 highly effective habits of backing Mitt

I've been thinking about this question recently - What is the most effective thing I can do in supporting Mitt Romney's prospects for becoming President in 2008? (I would donate money but I don't have much of that right now.) Would it be most effective to blog once a day; talk with family members about Mitt; talk with strangers I meet about Mitt; put a bumper sticker on my car that says, "Who the heck is Mitt Romney?" (to get people to at least see his name out there); encourage other folks to somehow contribute to the grassroots effort? All of these things are important and play their part. But I've come to the conlusion that perhaps the most effective thing to do is to talk with close friends and family members about Mitt Romney. I know for me that (in addition to gaining a favorable impression of a candidate from watching them on tv or in person) one of the most important ways to get me behind a certain politician is to hear that a trusted friend or family member supports that politician.


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