Saturday, August 26, 2006

The best defense is a great offense

With the recent move by Senatorial hopeful Mike McGavick to air his own dirty laundry for the world to see, he has made an absolutely brilliant move that allows him to own and control the terms of those issues, and really making them blasse' before they can ever really be used as ammo against him by his opponent.

Seeing how this strategy plays out at the polls in November, if it works to bolster support for Mike (as all indicators show that being the case), perhaps Mitt Romney would do well to make a similar play. Mitt doesnt really have anything major to cough up, but what I am saying is that he could address his skeptics uncertainty about his religion, address his admittedly changed views on public policy with respect to abortion, and maybe any business failures he has had along the way.

This would allow him to own these issues and control how they are framed, thus negating any potential impact on him and possibly even turning them into terms of endearment toward him when people see a man who is not perfect but is constantly trying to improve his mind and standing in life as most all of us are.


Blogger mitchell said...

That makes a lot of sense as far as airing dirty laundry. I heard a McGavick radio ad today that I thought was very well done. Though I'd like to read up more on Mike before I make up my mind about him.

As for Mitt, that wouldn't be a bad idea. That would put him in the driver's seat in those issues.

11:22 PM, August 26, 2006  
Blogger Nivek said...

Just one nugget to keep inmind while you are deliberating about McGavick:

If you look at the Commonwealth PAC page you can see who the recipients of PAC money are by state. In Washington, McGavick is a recipient of a nice chunk of PAC funding. This means Romney's camp thinks highly enough of McGavick to put some money behind his campaign. I say this not to insinuate that you should blindly support McGavick just cause the mitt crew does. What i am saying is that as you look at Mike, consider the weight of the strong endorsement he recieves from the commonwealth PAC as a testimonial to the fact that he may be an important asset to our politcal future, not only inour state but on a national level as well.

Then think about Cantwell.

Then try not to think for awhile.

Take a nap, and be happy.

Then go and push for the better of the two candidiates.

Just a thought.

7:24 AM, August 27, 2006  

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