Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mitt-bloggers' web

When I was in Utah visiting my brother and his family last week, I watched the animated movie Charlotte's web. Good show. I couldn't help but think about how it relates to campaigning.

Just a reminder of the plot. The spider Charlotte saves the life of Wilbur the pig by weaving in her web positive adjectives at the entrance of Wilbur's pig-pen. When the town folk see the miraculous words in a web, they get excited and come see the pig. They start to realize that Wilbur is "some pig," "radiant," "terrific," and "humble" - the words Charlotte spins in her web. Instead of slaughtering the pig, Farmer Zuckerman lets Wilbur live after showing him at the fair.

In a sense Mitt-bloggers are like Charlotte getting out the correct message about Mitt, so he won't get slaughtered - so to speak - in the campaign. Of course the analogy is not a perfect fit to the campaigning process. Though, I wonder if the rat Templeton has a corollary in this analogy too? Templeton is the character who does errands for Charlotte and Wilbur - but he performs these errands only in order to fill his stomach, or to preserve his life. I'll let the reader decide who or what Templeton might represent.


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