Thursday, August 17, 2006

blog theory - goin' to Utahr

Excellent! Thanks to Dave and Kevin for the link to
I should have figured that someone had put together a site of all the 2008 Presidential hopefuls’ blogs and websites. Good site.

An idea would be to have some kind of rating system to display how active each of the blogs are. It could be rated with 3 numbers. Perhaps the first number would be how many different folks have blogged for that site over the last 30 days. The second number could be how many blogs during the last 30 days. The third number could be how many comments during that time (from non-blog administrators). For instance (3, 23, 5) would mean 3 different accounts wrote blogs; 23 blogs were posted; and 5 comments were posted. (Of course, in order to be a meaningful rating system, the blog posts should not be counted multiple times if the same ones are posted on multiple sites.)

I’m going on vacation for about a week (down to Utahr to visit family), so I won’t have as much time to read up on the Romney news. Though I intend on still posting regularly. Please forgive me if my comments during this time may show a lack of knowledge on the most current happenings.


Anonymous Nivek said...

Let us evergreeners here know what the mitt climate is like down in Zion.

Enjoy your trip.

3:56 PM, August 17, 2006  
Blogger mitchell said...


Thanks for the recent comments on the posts. I'll see what I can gather of the mitt climate here in Utah.

By the way - are you blogging somewhere?


10:01 PM, August 17, 2006  

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