Saturday, August 12, 2006

don't forget the gray hairs

If you go to the Massachusetts Governor’s page at you will see that Mitt has unveiled a new energy plan for his state. (See the PowerPoint presentation at ) I made some suggestions on the issues of renewable energy and environmental issues on this blog on Aug. 10th - then Mitt’s folks come out with their energy plan on the 11th - the next day. That was pretty quick. Way to go Mitt!

Any future candidate for the President of the United States needs to pay special attention to the elderly. The percentage of the population who is over 60 is only getting bigger. They are a politically powerful group. Unfortunately many are neglected - politically and individually. But they have so much to offer and provide to their local communities across the country. It would be well for Mitt to have as good relations as possible with the AARP and other similar organizations. Programs like Senior Corps could be promoted and/or expanded. Of course it is important for the Romney campaign to pay attention to the elderly in order to get elected, but more important is to help take care of the elderly once he is elected. Even the hundred of thousands of folks out there who are even partly or largely incapacitated because of their age and health - they are both benefited greatly and contribute much by well-run programs for the elderly.


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