Monday, August 07, 2006

how about a political Consumer Reports?

Say I’m speaking with a salesperson about buying a digital camera. As he’s explaining about camera A, I ask, “what about camera B?” He responds, “camera B is totally a bad product. I wouldn’t buy it.” If the salesperson doesn’t have a good explanation about why camera B is so poor, that is a red flag for me. I generally wouldn’t listen much more to that salesperson. It makes me want to go to my Consumer Reports magazine and find an article where they have tested those cameras. It may be that the salesperson was right on the money about camera B, but I personally like to have more information about the options.

I’m amazed at the blogs out there about Mitt Romney. Great pictures, quotes, arguments, etc. Some really good quality information. However, I start to get the idea that most of the readers of these blogs are already strong Romney supporters. That is all fine and good. These blogs are where we get current events and learn about Mitt. But if I’m a voter trying to decide between, candidate A and candidate B, I want salespeople who can tell me the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates, so that I can decide for myself whom I prefer. What I’m saying is that to be effective Romney supporters, we ought to know almost as much about the opponents as about Mitt. Secondly, in addition to the blogs in the Mittosphere, there ought to be some type of forum where people can go and get an equal amount of information on each candidate, written by folks who are able to be objective about the situation. Something approaching like a Consumer Reports for politics. In that type of forum, I feel that it would be much easier for voters to see why Mitt is the best presidential candidate out there.


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