Thursday, August 10, 2006

mud shield

I must admit, as you can see from the last couple of posts, I’ve been up late at night writing these. It kind of strains the body to do that. So, my plan is to blog earlier.

Let me put out these ideas. No matter what Mitt says or does, there are institutions and folks out there who are going to hate him, protest against him, and drag his name through the mud. Politics can be kind of messy that way. The question for a Mitt Romney supporter is how to deal with the negative without becoming negative ourselves?

1. See what kind of merit the negative comments have in them. Maybe the person giving the comments are doing so out of an honest heart and with good intentions. There very well may be some things that Mitt or the party may want to address or change that are mentioned in the negative remarks.

2. Don’t heed those who blame and complain the most. It’s not worth our time listening to someone who spends more of their time tearing down, than building up. It is likely that these types of folks will have problems staying with the truth, and will therefore eventually dig their own pit.

4. Agree with the opponent where you can.

Mitt is going to get hammered like anyone in the national political spotlight. But as long as the majority of the people are willing to follow an honest leader like Romney, our country will be good to go - no matter how much negative is out there.