Saturday, September 16, 2006

bleeding sticker and ANWR

As you can see at left, the ink on my new bumper sticker has bled a bit. The print-your-own bumper stickers were advertised as "water resistant." I forgot that there is a difference between "water resistant" and "water proof." Oh well.

Listening to the audiobook version of Jared Diamond's book, Collapse (good book, by the way), I have had some ideas about drilling in Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). In the book Diamond gives two examples of oil drillings. The first was an Indonesian company Perdamina (sp?) in Salawati (sp?) Island. Perdamina pretty much ruined the place where they were drilling. The second is an example of Chevron drilling for oil in the Ketubah area of Papua New Guinea. Diamond explains how well Chevron has done in leaving as little an environmental impact as possible.

So, maybe some kind of compromise with ANWR could include the following ideas (I haven't done much reading on the subject, so perhaps these ideas have already been propsed):

1. Set a goal that before drilling in ANWR, the U.S. has to decrease the amount of oil consumed per person by a certain percent.

2. Once that goal is reached, have a company like Chevron do a similar job to what they have done in Papua New Guinea. See if they can't even improve the environment and wildlife situation up there where they are drilling. Have them put internet cameras all over their facilities so folks can check them out to see if they are keeping things clean.

3. Have a small resort up there where the public could come up and see the wildlife and go on tours of the drilling operations.

Go to and click on Mitt Romney interview to hear his recent interview with Glenn Beck.


Blogger Nivek said...

I am all for the ANWR drilling. One reason i love the mittster is his open support of such an action.

I would not favor any legislation with it as you propose that would mandate a reduction in fuel use. How would you enforce it? Any answer involves governmental meddling on a way too personal level for my comfort.

The contrast of Chevron Vs. the Foreign company shows the stupidity of American environmentalist thought. They have made it near impossible to drill for oil here, so we do it elsewhere in the world where there are next to no envoronmental and labor laws. Seems like any greenie worth his salt would demand that we produce our oil here in North America where we have those kinds of controls.Instead we have the opposite.

12:02 AM, September 17, 2006  
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Blogger Nivek said...

Hey you "anonymous",

this is not a forum for peddling your wares. If you have something politcal to add to the conversation, great. Otherwise, do not solicit your wares here!

8:51 AM, September 18, 2006  

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