Tuesday, September 26, 2006

keeping wild parties in perspective

Did someone say the Mormon issue would not be big for Mitt? Check out http://www.scforromney.com/?p=42

I've been thinking about the nature of parties in politics. They are good and bad. Of course one bad part of parties is that they can have the tendency of creating contention and hatred. We seem to feel that a person's political party association is somehow right at the core of the person. And that seems to mean that they necessarily have conflict (at least in a general sense) with someone of the other party.

I believe that there is something deeper than political party affiliation at the core of every person. It is something which rather than pushes us apart, it ties us together. Namely, that we are all - every person born into this world - brothers and sisters. We therefore all have a responsibility of helping each other out. This idea should be primary and at the core. After this is understood, then one can more effectively go on to the outer-layer where political party values reside.

Mitt Romney is one who has this core principle at heart.


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