Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why Mitt will do well in Washington.

Washington state has a unique political atmosphere. Yes, liberals and/or Democrats do well in state-wide races but they are far from a majority. There has been recent examples of Republicans who have had a great deal of success in state-wide elections. The most obvious would be Rossi (2004) and McGavick now. They rely heavily on centrist-Democrats, independents, and libertarians to make up the divide between conservatist and liberals.

The Washington state swing vote reacts well to articulate, intelligent, and business oriented candidates. These are most definitely Mitt Romney's strongest suit. The centrist-Democrats and independents will be very attracted to a candidate like Mitt Romney, compared with a polarizing figure such as Hillary. There is still a question in my mind as to how libertarian oriented people will react to Romney. The libertarian vote makes up a sizable portion of the overall swing vote for Republican candidates, so this could be a big factor in this state.

It's still a long time off, but this is my predictions. If the Republican primary is still competitive when it's our turn to vote then I feel Gov. Romney will have a great chance to take the state. If he is chosen for the GOP then Washington, like many "blue" states, will most likely be up for grabs in 2008.


Anonymous Nivek said...

I would like to see Romney come out swinging the Commonwealth PAC bat for Dino in 08 as well. That support, especially if he were to stump for Dino, could give Mitt the recognition he needs here. particularly if he (Romney) were to stump here in person for Dino in 2007.

3:25 PM, August 22, 2006  
Blogger mitchell said...

RomneyWA - It's good to see you back in the Mitt-o-sphere. Were you the one to add all the links over on the right side of the blogsite? If so, thanks very much. Good stuff.

11:42 PM, August 22, 2006  

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